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Rangers 2021 Zoom Links

April 9, 2021

Rangers are asked to attend at least 2 of 4 Ranger workshops. All workshops will be approximately 1 hour long, with an optional 30 minutes of Rounge time after.

May 15: Kick Off @ 1 – 3pm
June 10th: Servant Leadership Workshop @ 5:30pm
July 14th: Social Skills Workshop @ 5:30pm
August 19th: Workshop @ 5:30pm
September 18 & 19th: Ranger Weekend!
Saturday, September 18: 12pm – 4pm & 7 – 8pm
Sunday, September 19: 12pm – 4pm
October 13th: Workshop @ 6pm
October 30th: Closing @ 1 – 4pm

Upcoming workshops & events

Ranger Weekend (September 18th):

Ranger Weekend (September 19th):
We’ll dive deep into what being a Ranger means this weekend—building community, giving back, reflecting and finding yourself, and of course ROUNGE time (that’s Ranger Lounge)!

Workshop #4 (October 13th):

Ranger Closing (October 30th):
We won’t tell you much about this one, except that you do not want to miss it.

past workshops and events

Kick-off with our Ranger community

Servant Leadership Workshop

Social Skills Workshop

Check out the Emotional Color Wheel for an extensive list of feelings. Thank you Janie for this great resource!