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Seasonal Staff FAQs

Whether we can use your vocal talents (yes), what your duties might be, and additional answers.

The mission of Flying Horse Farms is to make it possible for children with serious illnesses to heal, grow, and thrive.

Seasonal staff members provide regular support to full-time staff, volunteers and campers. Each year, we rely on short-term staff members, paid and unpaid interns and part-time employees to help keep camp up, running, squeaky clean and environmentally green. These team members know camp inside and out, as they are at camp the duration of the summer season.

Our medical team, with our medical advisory board, is continuously evaluating the status of COVID-19 locally and nationally. We are requiring COVID-19 vaccination for all campers, volunteers, and staff. Please send any questions about our additional COVID-19 policies to .

Seasonal staff members are expected to be at camp for the entire summer season (with the exception of a two week break and intersessions). Although arrival and departure dates may vary, all seasonal staff members can expect to be at camp from the beginning of June through early August. Of course, we understand you may have commitments throughout the summer. If you have any known commitments, please specify these when filling out the application.

We have the following counselor, program, medical, kitchen, and leadership positions available:


Cabin Counselor

Village Leader

Entertainment Specialist

Arts and Crafts Specialist

Spotlight Specialist

Woodshop Specialist

Archery Specialist

Ropes Specialist

Aquatics Specialist

Aquatics Manager

Outdoor Education Specialist

Leadership Positions

Staff Leader

Adventure Team Lead

Creative Arts Team Lead

Entertainment Team Lead

Medical Team

Seasonal Nurse

Psychosocial team member

Kitchen Team

Special Diet

Front of House

Seasonal staff members are responsible for providing their own transportation to and from camp. On-site parking will be available.

We try to keep camp low-tech so our campers are focused on exploring and having fun. You can bring your cell phone, but we ask that you do not to use it during program. Computers and valuable items should be left at home. We have computers at camp, but for emergencies or quick use.

Seasonal staff members are housed in the Big Red Barn guest suites or in cabins. Seasonal nurses will be housed in the Wellnest (the camp’s on-site medical facility).

Each room in the Big Red Barn and Wellnest has a full bathroom and separate beds. Cabins are comfortable but modest with semi-private bathrooms and showers. Seasonal staff members are expected to eat meals in the dining halls with campers and counselors but will also have access to a kitchen for off-meal hours. Accommodations include heat and air conditioning. Towels, linens, and bedding are provided.

Our application is brief. However, if offered a position the following will be required:

3 professional references

BCI or FBI background check

Tetanus and Pertussis Vaccine (DTaP or TDaP)

Measles, Mumps, and Rubella Vaccine (MMR)

Varicella Vaccine (chickenpox/Shingles)

COVID Vaccine

Basic Health History

Highly Recommended:

Flu Vaccine

Meningoccocal Vaccine

Hepatitis B Vaccine

If receiving live vaccines, please do so at least 4 weeks prior to arriving at camp.

Food and linens are provided by Flying Horse Farms. You should bring all clothing, toiletries, and medical supplies with you to camp. Cameras, props, and costumes are welcome!

We want camp to be a safe experience for everyone. Please follow our dress code:

  • Wear a mask that has ear loops or ties around your head – no gaiters/buffs/bandanas, please

  • Always wear closed-toe shoes or open toe shoes with a heel strap (you can bring flip flops for the shower and pool)

  • Feel free to wear tank tops, but please leave the tube tops and spaghetti straps at home

  • All clothing must cover your stomach/midriff

  • Keep necklines of shirts appropriate

  • Please bring camp appropriate bathing suits

  • Clothing and any visible tattoos that reference drugs/alcohol/obscenities/anything offensive are not allowed

  • Avoid wearing perfume or cologne as some campers are sensitive or allergic

A typical schedule might go something like:

7:00am – Rise and shine

8:30am – Breakfast

10:15am – morning activities

12:30pm – Lunch

1:30pm – Rest time

2:30pm – Afternoon activities

5:30pm – Dinner

7:00pm – Evening program

9:00pm – Younger campers head to cabins for lights out

10:00pm – Older campers head to cabins for lights out

You can find the link to apply at Careers - Flying Horse Farms. If you need help applying, please download our application guide.