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Social Media Privacy Guidelines for the FHF Community

As we continue to build upon our virtual programming offerings, keeping in mind social media privacy concerns and etiquette is more important than ever. For example, as we join groups with people we normally wouldn’t friend on Facebook, the lines can become blurred. Here are some general guidelines for social media privacy on Facebook and Instagram.


Especially within Facebook groups, it is now easier for anyone to find your Facebook profile to friend you.

  • To see what everyone else can on your public profile, click the ‘View As’ option to see anything that is publicly available
    • To do this, click the three dots on the bottom right corner of your profile header
  • If there is anything publicly available that you don’t want to be seen, you might want to tighten up your privacy settings
    • If it’s a few posts, you can choose to hide them from your timeline
    • If it’s more than a few posts, use this Facebook guide to edit your privacy settings
  • If you’d rather not let anyone from camp find your Facebook profile, you have a few options
    • Option 1: Leave the group
    • Option 2: Stay in the group but refrain from interacting with content. Someone would have to search to find you, and most people won’t go to that effort
    • Option 3: Create a “public” profile to join the group with, and only upload content to that profile that you’re ok with anyone seeing


Luckily, Instagram is a little more simplified than Facebook in terms of privacy—you can either have a public or private account.

  • Private vs. Public Accounts
    • Public: You can see everything
    • Private: You cannot see posts, who the account follows, or who the account is followed by. You can see which of your friends follow them, public comments, and public posts they’ve liked, but it is hard to find the latter two without followers in common
  • If you don’t want anyone to see you Instagram posts or stories, your best bet is setting your account to private
    • If it’s just the occasional story post, you can utilize the ‘close friends’ feature for stories

An Additional Note 

Information is increasingly available on the internet, and it’s not always information you’d like to be out there. It can be useful to Google yourself from time to time to see what the highest search results are for your name. Checking the images as well as regular search results is important, too. Anything beyond the first page of results is unlikely to be seen, but it’s good to know what is out there about you.