Provide Medical Care | Flying Horse Farms

Doctors. Nurses. Pharmacists. Generalists and specialists. If you’re a medical care provider, you have a critical resource we depend on to run our camp, week in and week out: healthcare expertise. We hope you’ll share it with us.

If you have questions or concerns, feel free to give us a call at 419-751-7077 or email us at

If you need help applying online, please download our Volunteer Application Guide. For more information, please review the volunteer descriptions listed below. If you have additional questions, you may also download our FAQ’s for Medical Volunteers or give us a call at 419-751-7077 for more information.

The Opportunity
Our campers have serious medical conditions: arthritis, asthma, cancer, bleeding disorders, gastrointestinal disease, heart disease, and facial differences. With your help–and the support of all eight of Ohio’s children’s hospitals and Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh–we provide healing, transformative experiences for children who aren’t able to attend a traditional camp.

The Roles
Although not an exclusive list, we are generally looking for volunteers in these professions:
Physicians (Fellows/Attending)
Nurse Practitioners
Registered Nurses
Respiratory Therapist (Pulmonary & Craniofacial Camp)

The Experience
The medical team at Flying Horse Farms ensures that our campers, volunteers and staff are healthy and safe. Licensed medical volunteers (physicians, nurses and nurse practitioners) are needed for our weekend family camps and weeklong summer programs to provide routine and/or specialized medical care within their scope of practice. Medical and nursing students are welcome to volunteer as a family sidekick, cabin counselor or activity counselor.

During family camp weekends, the families will bring their child’s own equipment, supplies and medication to camp.  Our medical volunteers are available as a resource to the family and for general first aid needs of campers, family members, staff and volunteers.

During summer weeklong (kids-only camps), the medical staff and volunteers at Flying Horse Farms provide full medical care of campers while they are on site at camp.

Volunteer physicians provide medical care for campers, families, volunteers and staff. Doctors are available on-site during all camp sessions to triage, evaluate, and provide treatment for all camp participants.

Registered Nurses
Volunteer nurses provide essential nursing care, administer medications, and assist with preventative care of campers, families, volunteers, and staff. Nurses are assigned to cabins of 8-10 campers and provide care to their designated group during the entire camp session.

Pharmacists check and prepare camper medications during summer camper arrival days. Pharmacists may also volunteer for camp sessions as family sidekicks during weekend sessions or cabin counselors, activity counselors, or with our kitchen crew during summer sessions.

The Logistics
Medical volunteers serve under the scope of their professional practice. You will be interviewed by our medical staff and asked to provide proof of license and a current annual background check. Once your documentation has been reviewed, our medical team will determine your appropriate assignment.

Medical Volunteer Requirements
– Complete online application
– Minimum age: 21 years old
– Proof of a current license is required to serve in a medical capacity
– Completion of BCI and/or FBI background checks within the last calendar year
– Medical background/immunization documentation
– Medical volunteers will attend volunteer orientation one day prior to camper arrival at Flying Horse Farms and meet the camp team