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Caregiver Resource Roundup – April 21

Enjoy this week’s Caregiver Resource Roundup of resources for you and your family to use along with Flying Horse Farms Camp at Home! The Caregiver Resource Roundup will be posted weekly and include a variety of resources for caregivers of children with serious illnesses to utilize as we navigate this tough time. Have an idea for a resource you’d like to be included? Send it over to Abby!

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Additionally, join the Flying Horse Farms Camper Caregiver Facebook group. Designed specifically for caregivers, it provides a supportive environment for caregivers to connect with one another as we navigate the current state of the world. Answer a few screener questions and we’ll be sure to add you as soon as we can. Click here to join now.

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A movement created by Nationwide Children’s Hospital, On Our Sleeves is creating a wide variety of helpful resources for parents and caregivers. From tackling new schedules to battling indoor boredom, On Our Sleeves provides practical action steps and conversation starters to help you navigate new challenges as they arise. Click here to check it out.



During a time where more and more activities are moving online, including camp, it’s more important than ever to teach children and teens internet safety. This article talks through tips to keep kids and teens alike safe while they surf the web. Click here to check it out.



In this article, Mary Katherine Ham shares her own experience with changing her approach to parenting and changing the expectations she had for herself after facing tragedy. She extrapolates this to give the advice that it’s okay to be a different kind of parent during the pandemic. Click here to check it out.



Now, more than ever, it’s important to take care of yourself. The Family Caregiver Alliance has put together an in-depth self-care guide, covering why it’s important, ways to make space for it during your day, and ideas to get you started. Click here to check it out.