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Camper Applications 101: Everything You Need to Know

From medical paperwork to vaccine records to the application itself, camper applications can seem daunting—but they don’t have to be! We sat down with the camp application experts to put together a list of FAQs in case applications are turning out to be a little bit tricky. Abby is camp’s Camper and Family Liaison and Kaylyn is the Admissions Coordinator, so rest assured they know all the ins and outs of camper applications.  


Q: I’ve sent everything in – when will I hear back?

A: Within a week of submitting all your paperwork, you will receive an email stating that we have received your application. After the deadline, our medical and admissions teams review every application. You should hear about summer placements by late April. In the meantime, if we need further information, our medical team will reach out to you with any questions they may have.


Q: Can I still attend camp if I’ve aged out of the traditional camp program (ages 8-15)? What are my options?

A: Ranger camp is a residential week-long summer camp for ages 16-17. It focuses on giving back to camp, community, and self-identity. To attend Ranger camp, you’ll go through the traditional application process, along with an interview and essay portion specific to the Ranger program. Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Adventure Camp is a residential weekend fall camp for ages 16-21. It is for campers who do not wish to participate in or are not eligible for the Ranger program. This program focuses on camp activities, wellness, and the transition to adulthood.


Q: What is the paperwork deadline?

A: For spring family camp and summer camps, the paperwork deadline is March 16th. For fall family camps and AYA Adventure Camp, the paperwork deadline is July 15th.


Q: How does your admissions process work?

A: Applications are accepted up until the paperwork deadline. Following the deadline, the Admissions Team thoroughly reviews each application to make appropriate placements for each camp. Campers can expect to hear about summer placements in late April.


Q: Can you share a timeline for the application process?

A: First, camper applications typically open in early December. Next, applications and paperwork are due around mid-March. You’ll hear about camp placements in late April, then get ready for the best summer ever with summer sessions starting in June!


Q: While I’m waiting to hear back, how can I learn more about camp?

A: If you want to learn the lay of the land, you can check out the camp map and learn about all the different spaces and activities. You can also check out our new cooking series, ‘Cooking with Wes and Graham’ on YouTube and learn how to make some popular camp recipes. Or, follow us on social media to stay updated on what’s happening with camp!


Did this FAQ answer all your questions about camp applications? We hope it did! If not, feel free to send any other questions (application related or otherwise!) to application experts Kaylyn and Abby at campers@flyinghorsefarms.org.