From ages 5 to 18, with personalities and interest as varied as they come, our campers share two things in common: they have serious illnesses, and incredible spirits. They are the reason Flying Horse Farms exists, and the inspiration for everything we do.


“Like a rocket ship traveling through space to a world of fun.” That’s what Alex says it’s like to come to camp.

From his comment, you may have guessed it: Alex is full of energy. Besides energy, the only thing he has more of is jokes (and he’s pretty good at not laughing at them until someone else does too).

In 2009, Alex was diagnosed with hepatocellular carcinoma—commonly known as primary liver cancer. As part of his treatment, he endured a 10-hour surgery to remove 80% of his liver and his gall bladder, two courses of in-patient chemotherapy, and months of a new oral chemotherapy used for pediatric cancers.

Happily, those difficult days are behind Alex now, and he’s back to his old games (like youth league soccer and basketball)—and his old jokes. He completed chemotherapy in December 2009, and today shows no traces of tumors.

For Alex, camp has always about feeling like a regular kid. “When I’m there, I forget all about treatment,” he says.

That couldn’t have been truer for Alex than during his first camp experience in 2009. Still battling cancer during the summer, he had the opportunity to travel to Double H Ranch in New York through the Flying Horse Away program.

“I met new friends there, and I had so much fun,” says Alex.

This year, Alex is looking forward to what’s in store in for him at his camp—the one closest to home, and the one we hope will be closest to his heart.