The Camp | Flying Horse Farms

Through the entrance of Flying Horse Farms lies a truly magical world-set apart from illness and life's stresses. Our 200 wooded acres just outside Mt. Gilead, Ohio, are home to 22+ camp buildings, two lakes, and limitless space for exploration and fun.

Map of Flying Horse Farms

The Big Barn

Where campers and friends check in-and the magic begins.

Vegetable Garden

Where we plant and harvest fruits and vegetables.

Dining Hall

Where we share meals, tell adventure tales and dance.


Where bumps and bruises are made all better.


Where friends are made over bunk-bed chats and late-night snacks.

Columbus Blue Jackets Sports Court / Activity Field

Where a little healthy competition heats up.

Amphitheater / Campfire

Where campfires blaze and performances amaze.

Archery Range

Where little eyes light up with every bullseye.

Angie's Arts & Crafts

Where anything crafty goes.

Boating Dock

Where lines are cast and big dreams are caught.

Activity Center

Where stars are born—on the stage and on the court.

Camp HQ

Where our staff is constantly plotting our next week of fun.

Pool and Warming Shed

Where campers have fun in the sun and get toasty after splashing and swimming.


Where campers sleep under the stars.

Ropes Course and Zip-Line

Where campers perfect the art of team work and problemsolving.

Happy Times Wood Shop

Where campers learn the art of woodworking.

The Acorn

Where nature activities are perfected.