Our Values | Flying Horse Farms

Every person involved with Flying Horse Farms—staff, volunteers, donors, and campers—holds one core belief above all else; that this place has the power to transform the lives of children with serious illnesses for good.

Every day, we work to make that happen for more children. These are the values that guide us.

#1 Campers First.
Every decision we make has our campers’ best interests at heart. It’s that simple.

#2 All Crew. No Passengers.
It’s the most appropriate line in each of our job descriptions: “other duties as assigned.” We all do what it takes to get the job done—no matter how big or how small the task.

#3 See the Best in Each Other.
We treat each other how we’d like to be treated. It’s an old rule, but it rings especially true at camp. It empowers us to be better team players, to create a friendly atmosphere, to have fun, and to accomplish big things for our campers.

#4 Fearless is Free.
We believe the only way to spread our wings and fly is to take risks—boldly. We are each empowered to make change when we think it’s needed. That means thinking on our feet, being creative, and doing more with less.

#5 Welcome Home.
We are welcoming—to everyone, and at all times. Our campers, staff, volunteers, and donors will always feel a sense of belonging and appreciation here. Some call it being nice. We call it the best customer service on the planet.

#6 With Trust Comes Relief.
We earn the trust of our campers and families by offering compassion, commitment, and the highest quality medical care possible. This creates peace of mind for parents and respite from the worries of daily life for our campers.

#7 Celebrate Every Milestone.
We help our campers achieve things they never thought possible. And as a camp, we accomplish seemingly insurmountable tasks without flinching. The best part? We take time to celebrate our successes every step of the way. (Usually with a dance, a costume, or maybe even a glitter pie.)

#8 Giving Feels Good.
Our camp thrives because of the work of our volunteers. We know there are countless volunteer opportunities available—so we work to make ours unforgettable and life-changing. And we’re not surprised when it results in arm-hair-raising, happy-tear-inducing, deep-from-the-belly laughter and joy.

#9 Anyone Can Give.
Everyone is a potential donor. To inspire them to give, we connect them to camp in a way that makes their gifts tangible and rewarding. That means listening to our donors, recognizing them, and communicating with them at every level.

#10 A Simple Thank You Goes a Long Way.
We have stacks of thank you notes, and we use them. A lot. For volunteers, donors, supporters, and friends. And we say more than thanks; we share the impact they have on camp and celebrate their role in our extraordinary work.